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Why Choose a Luxury Home Auction Over Ordinary Selling?

There are more ways than ever before to sell your property. Options include traditional agent-assisted selling, owner financing, lease-to-own, auction, and even sell-by-owner. When considering the many ways to sell a property, it’s important to understand the relationship between the type of property and the selling method. For the vast majority of luxury homeowners, selling by auction is the only alternative worth considering. Here’s why. Certain Selling Options Aren’t Suited for Luxury Homes  As previously mentioned, the property style should match the best method of selling. For example, sell-by-owner is best suited for homeowners who want to avoid paying commissions on lower-valued

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How to Find and Purchase Luxury Real Estate

Are you in the market to buy luxury real estate? If so, you probably have a few things on your list of priorities. You likely have a minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms in mind, the ideal kitchen in which your family will enjoy meals, and a specific acreage. Of course, you’re probably also trying to get the best house at the best price. That’s only natural. If you’re ready to purchase luxury real estate, there’s a little secret you should know: you can buy mansions and high-value homes without spending exorbitant amounts of cash by using auction companies such

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Six FAQs About Luxury Real Estate Auctions 

As a luxury property owner, it’s natural to have questions about putting your real estate up for auction. At Elite Auctions, we believe in keeping our sellers as informed as possible. Please feel free to browse these most commonly asked real estate questions for luxury auctions.  1. Does Auctioned Luxury Real Estate Sell at Reduced Prices? Luxury real estate that’s put up for auction rarely—if ever sells at reduced prices. In fact, just the opposite is true. The luxury real estate auction serves to drive selling prices higher. First, there’s the marketing aspect. When a luxury property is put up for auction, it gets

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What to Look for in Your Luxury Real Estate Auction Company

Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell a luxury property, it’s important to work with a real estate auction firm that you trust. The right company will be there for you throughout the entire transaction process – thus increasing the odds of a successful sale. Let’s take a look at the four essential traits of a quality luxury real estate auction company. 1. Positive Reputation Having a positive reputation is paramount in the luxury real estate industry. No matter which side of the gavel you’re sitting on, you want to partner with a firm that has proven its honesty and

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Most Sought-After U.S. Locations for Luxury Vacation Homes

Are you in the market for a vacation property? Luckily, the U.S. is home to a wide variety of luxury vacation destinations. Whether you’re searching for a luxurious ski lodge, an oceanfront mansion, or a historic New England estate, it’s crucial to find a location that you’ll love visiting year after year. Below, we’re discussing a handful of the most sought-after U.S. destinations for luxury homes. Read on, and you just might find your dream locale! 1. Aspen, Colorado Aspen occupies a spellbinding corner of the White River National Forest. At every turn, you’ll catch glimpses – or jaw-dropping panoramas

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The Best Cities for Luxury Real Estate in the United States

To be sure, fine examples of luxury property valued at $1 million and upward can be found in all 50 states of this great nation, from coast to coast. But although there certainly is no shortage of high-priced homes in the U.S., there are a few, uniquely-luxurious locales where the ultra-wealthy tend to congregate. These areas also offer stunning natural beauty, lively entertainment and shopping districts, and excellent business opportunities. Wondering which U.S. cities top our list? Read on to see some of the best luxury real estate locations we’ve identified as solid investments and great places to call home,

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10 Amenities That Luxury Homebuyers Look For

From wine cellars to home theaters, luxury properties offer some of the most unique and lavish amenities available on the market. But which features are most important to today’s prospective homebuyers? Understanding buyers’ wants and needs is crucial to selling your home quickly and for the most value. Below, we’re discussing the top 10 most coveted luxury home amenities. Let’s take a look! 1. Smart Home Technology For many buyers, smart home technology outranks square footage or sprawling acreage in terms of desirability. In fact, a well-designed and integrated smart home system is an essential requirement for many luxury buyers.

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The Importance of Marketing Your Luxury Real Estate Listing

You have a beautiful luxury home in a great location, and plenty of professionally-shot digital imagery and video for the listing – so, why isn’t your property selling? Often, the answer is simple: Marketing. Digital real estate marketing tactics, along with more traditional ones, both have a place in the luxury home sales process, and skimping when it comes to marketing your home effectively can result in one that sits on the market for years. Digital Marketing is a Non-Negotiable The role of digital marketing is expanding daily – particularly as we’ve just ended 2020, a year that fundamentally changed

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10 Tips for Getting the Most Value for Your High-End Home

If you’re selling a luxury home, you have likely noticed that placing a high-end property on the market can be even more stressful than buying a new one. Targeting the right buyers while effectively highlighting your home’s unique characteristics is crucial for selling high-end homes. To help simplify the listing process, our team of luxury real estate professionals has gathered 10 tips to help you get the most value out of your home: Consider the Luxury Market in Your Area “Pulling the comps” and evaluating comparable sales in your area is usually among the first steps when it comes to

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Five Tips for Finding Buyers for Luxury Homes

Luxury homes tend to stay on the market far longer than their less dramatic counterparts – mostly because getting them in front of the right buyers can be challenging. The luxury real estate world is highly exclusive, populated by buyers with radically different ideas about a home’s quality and must-have features. Additionally, for many sellers, privacy is a significant concern; a highly publicized listing can be undesirable for a variety of reasons. However, finding the right buyer for your luxury home doesn’t have to feel like an endless process. We’ve compiled the following tips to help you connect with the perfect

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