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The experience of hearing the auctioneer’s final proclamation of “SOLD!” is unparalleled. Whether it’s the initial meeting with the seller at their estate or yacht, or the triumphant raising of the paddle by the winning buyer, we relish every moment of the process and the ensuing festivities. We’re confident that you will, too.

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By offering top-tier properties and vessels globally, along with strategic auction dates, exceptional marketing tactics, and a diligent public relations team, even the most prominent media outlets have taken notice. Check out some of our latest press features.

Elite Auctions is a top-tier destination for luxury property auctions, having overseen the auction marketing of numerous high-end estates and yachts. Our team of luxury home auction experts is committed to helping property owners obtain the best value for their assets while ensuring a timely sale. Whether you have an expansive compound or a metropolitan penthouse, Elite Auctions has the necessary skills and expertise to facilitate various luxury real estate auctions. What’s even better? Our team takes care of every aspect of the process in cooperation with tour realtor/broker, including property tours, photography and cinematography, marketing advertising, public relations and more. Apart from high-end real estate auctions, we can also organize and execute luxury yacht auctions to help boat owners find qualified buyers for their vessels. Interested in finding out more about our luxury home and yacht auctions? Explore our current listings and success stories!