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Have you ever experienced a sense of purpose in your life? I consider myself fortunate enough to have felt it not once, but twice. At the age of 18, I realized my first calling as a Paratrooper in the US Army. Although I enjoyed being a Paratrooper, I knew it couldn’t last forever. After completing my service, I ventured into the advertising industry. Although it was a good experience, I always wondered if there was a second calling for me.

And that’s when it happened – I discovered my true passion for Real Estate and Yacht Auctions. It was as if I was born for it.

The entire process of auctioning off some of the finest properties and vessels in the world thrilled me. I knew I had found my true calling in life. Years later, I am now leading an entire team of people who share the same passion as me. We work together like a well-oiled machine, just like our military teams back in the Army.

Whether you join us as a client or a team member, I am confident that you’ll appreciate the innovative approach we bring to the real estate and yacht auction industry.

“No matter how you join our Elite Auctions team, whether it be as a client or a team member, I’m confident you’ll become a fan of how we are innovating the real estate and yacht auction industry.”

Someone once asked me what it’s like to work in the high-end auction industry on a daily basis. It made me chuckle inwardly, and for a moment, I wondered if I should give her a detailed rundown of everything we do to ensure a successful auction. From traveling and attending meetings to strategizing and troubleshooting, negotiating contracts, taking photos and videos, coordinating casts and crews, handling press and social media, responding to emails and Facetimes, creating written content and designing websites, working long hours with little sleep, sticking to a tight schedule, communicating via calls and texts, rallying local agents or brokers, making new friends and laughing together, feeling excitement and anticipation, giving hugs and high-fives, and saying sad farewells… and so much more.

Yes, it’s exhausting. But we all love it.

So, with a smile, I told her I get to explore some of the most breathtaking places in the world, embark on thrilling new adventures, and meet incredible people.

And ultimately, I assist them in selling and acquiring some of the planet’s most luxurious estates and yachts. And when each auction is concluded, I return home to my loving family. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t feel truly blessed!

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Meet The Team

If one were to encounter our team at a social gathering, they would undoubtedly experience an engaging and diverse evening. They would have the opportunity to network with esteemed media executives, enjoy the levity of PR professionals, and engage in thought-provoking discussions with our skilled auctioneers. Additionally, they could converse with experienced F-18 pilots, follow the exciting adventures of a racecar driver, and exchange witty banter with a ballroom dancer.

It is even possible that they would witness impressive feats of juggling and magic. Our team consists of individuals with a wide array of skills and experiences, including room mothers, fathers involved in Boy Scouts, coaches, referees, skydivers, horseback riders, and even chimpanzee trainers. Our greatest asset is our diversity, and when we combine our varied talents, we excel at auctioning some of the world’s most coveted assets. Cheers to that!

James Gall, Jr.

Licensed Florida real estate broker
& auctioneer for Elite Auctions

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John Marriott

Director of Yacht Division

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Carol Snyder

Business Development

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Kristoffer Stewart

Director of Marketing

Melissa Ariza

Melissa Ariza

Project Manager

James Arnwine

Market Director

Bunny Binda

Vancouver Market Director


Joey Burch

Market Director

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Tom Charron

Market Director

Alicia Chmielewski

Market Director

Mark Crane

Market Director

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Scott Foerst

Market Director

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Dan Garrigus

Market Director

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Scott Haws

Film Producer

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Aurelia Isidoro

Market Director

Steve Kandrach

Market Director

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John Keller

Market Director

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Jon Kepple

Market Director

brad lambert

Brad Lambert

Market Director

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Wayne Lawerence

Market Director

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Andrew Levey

Market Director

Brian Luker

Market Director

Luke McLean

Business Development

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Kim Melanson

Market Director

Marc Morris

Market Director

Tish Rielly

Project Manager

Darryl Robinson

Market Director

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Matt Rollins

Film Producer

Melvin Royster Headshot

Melvin Royster

Market Director

Felicia Saraceno

Market Director

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Nicholas Schmidt

Market Director

David Sleva Headshot

David Sleva

Market Director

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Libbie Tenaglia

Market Director

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Katherine Vancavage

Project Manager

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Ryan Wach

Market Director

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Dan Zitofsky

Market Director