10 Tips for Getting the Most Value for Your High-End Home

If you’re selling a luxury home, you have likely noticed that placing a high-end property on the market can be even more stressful than buying a new one. Targeting the right buyers while effectively highlighting your home’s unique characteristics is crucial for selling high-end homes. To help simplify the listing process, our team of luxury real estate professionals has gathered 10 tips to help you get the most value out of your home:

Consider the Luxury Market in Your Area

“Pulling the comps” and evaluating comparable sales in your area is usually among the first steps when it comes to listing a luxury home; however, it is a crucial one. Look for properties that are similar not just in size, but also in perceived prestige, and consider their time spent on the market, selling price, and the features that elevate them in the minds of potential buyers. Although you might have trouble finding many equivalent homes, the ones on the market can give you insight into your area’s luxury market and what you’re up against.

Don’t Skimp on Photography or Videography

When it comes to high-end properties, buyers expect much more than a gallery of images and video that a seller might be able to shoot themselves using their phone in one afternoon. Choose instead to hire a professional who specializes in real estate photography and videography. They’ll help frame your home in the best possible light while showcasing its most desirable and unique features. Plus, they have the industry knowledge to ensure that they’re displaying everything likely to appeal to your home’s prospective buyers.

Highlight Features That Make Your Home Special

This might seem obvious, but make sure you’re shining the spotlight on aspects of your luxury home that sets it apart from the crowd. Does it feature spectacular barrel ceilings, a sauna, and a fully-equipped gym? Maybe it includes a hand-pieced mosaic entryway? Whatever the fine details, don’t hold back when it comes to showcasing those unique characteristics through your photos, videography, and listing descriptions.

Have Your Property Professionally Staged

No matter how exquisite the landscaping is or the amount of care that went into your home’s interior design, hiring a professional to stage your property can make all the difference. You might love traditional formal spaces, but in your market, a more minimal and casual look may allow buyers to envision their belongings in the home instead. An expert stager will likely arrange your existing decor in a way that entices a wide variety of buyers to imagine the possibilities for the space.

Include Information About the Local Area

Is your property minutes away from a major airport, beach, or arts center? What about shopping and dining opportunities? Don’t hesitate to mention these factors in your listing and be specific. Future buyers may be on the lookout for various features, which may or may not include proximity to the nearest restaurant. Adding that information will provide a crucial context for your home’s listing and highlight the lifestyle that comes with living in your luxury home.

Talk Up Any Eco-Friendly Features

As millennials enter the luxury home market, “Green” and “Smart” home attributes and eco-friendly features take center stage. If your home boasts solar panels, high-efficiency HVAC systems, or state-of-the-art design aspects that reduce its carbon footprint, focus on those perks.

Skip the Open House

Public open houses are an excellent strategy for mainstream homes. For luxury homes, appointment-only viewings are the way to go. Public visits will likely attract people who are curious about what the property looks like, while private appointments ensure you’re only showing your home to interested buyers. This will also establish your home as a property that potential buyers should feel privileged to view.

Tell a Story With Your Listing

Your photos, videography, and listing description all paint a picture of your home for future buyers who may want to schedule a viewing. However, if you tell a story with your listing, for example, a typical day in the homeowner’s life, you’ll create a more memorable and realistic mental picture of your property for those interested.

Talk About the Ceilings

Don’t overlook one immensely popular quality of most luxury homes: natural light. If your home boasts high ceilings, focus on that in your listing — it could be the deciding factor that convinces a prospective buyer to make an appointment to view your home in person.

Work With a Luxury Real Estate Auction Company

Having a luxury home auction company help you sell your home can make all the difference in avoiding a long, drawn-out process that nets you far less than you hoped. Working with Elite Auctions ensures you’ll have a full marketing team tirelessly getting your home the attention it deserves. A team of experienced stagers, professional photographers, videographers, and luxury real estate marketing professionals will work together to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Curious about listing your luxury home for auction? Get in touch with Elite Auctions to learn more.

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