The Importance of Marketing Your Luxury Real Estate Listing

You have a beautiful luxury home in a great location, and plenty of professionally-shot digital imagery and video for the listing – so, why isn’t your property selling? Often, the answer is simple: Marketing. Digital real estate marketing tactics, along with more traditional ones, both have a place in the luxury home sales process, and skimping when it comes to marketing your home effectively can result in one that sits on the market for years.

Digital Marketing is a Non-Negotiable

The role of digital marketing is expanding daily – particularly as we’ve just ended 2020, a year that fundamentally changed the way businesses market their products. 3D virtual walk-throughs, professional photography, and impeccably-produced videography are now must-haves in today’s digital real estate marketing world. A basic Multiple Listing Services (MLS) listing alone isn’t going to cut it, but one that includes these critical digital assets combined with meaningful engagement on social media channels can increase exposure and inquiries – which can lead to multiple strong offers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to virtually experience a property before scheduling an appointment for a private viewing can vastly streamline the process. It also ensures that you’re not wasting your time with open house events or scheduled viewings for less-enthusiastic (or less-qualified) potential buyers.

Connections: The Role of Agents with Extensive Industry Networks

Many luxury homeowners value privacy and security and don’t desire the traditional marketing methods like flyers, signage, and newspaper ads promoting the sale of their home. In these cases, it’s crucial for sellers to work with a luxury real estate marketing firm that offers deep industry connections – particularly with brokerages and investors who like to be among the first to be made aware of new arrivals to the market.

By working with a luxury real estate agent who specializes in high-end properties, you could engage a small cache of potential buyers before even creating a formal listing. Plus, when working with a luxury real estate marketing company to list your home, you’ll benefit from the  connections of a diverse team of experts from a range of professional marketing disciplines who will spread the news of the opportunity far and wide – focusing only on the prospects that matter: Well-qualified buyers who are in the market for a luxury home like yours.

How Elite Auctions’ Marketing Team Showcases Luxury Homes

Elite Auctions’ marketing team consists of high-end real estate industry experts, brokers, ad copywriters, photographers, videographers, web developers, social media marketing and PR experts, digital marketing/SEO professionals, and more. Each of these valuable resources brings their own industry connections to the table, and they serve as the ‘hype team’ for homes headed for the auction block. They also create professional web pages highlighting each luxury home’s one-of-a-kind features, produce events to showcase each home’s potential, and leverage their networking to ensure your home reaches the qualified buyers most likely to show interest and purchase ability.

The Elite Auctions marketing team also engages staging and design professionals to ensure that each luxury home they promote is presented in a way that will appeal to contemporary luxury homebuyers. These effective tactics – along with the fact that an auction guarantees a firm date of sale – ensure high levels of interest and help produce multiple, competitive offers before the auction even occurs.

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