Inc.: The 250 Most Successful Companies in Florida

Inc.‘s first annual ranking of America’s top businesses in Florida is a scroll away. Here you’ll find our reporting on what it takes to start up in Florida and the inspirational business philosophy behind the No. 1 company in the state. You’ll also see how one entrepreneur overcame claustrophobia to found a burgeoning escape room franchise, and how the boutique fitness chain Orange Theory is getting a boost from wearables. Learn, too, about how to hire the best workers, which for some businesses means importing them from other states, and dig further in to Inc.‘s rankings. In our by-the-numbers infographic, review the key themes behind Florida’s top companies, whose revenue in 2018 ranged from $1 million to $4.6 billion. Explore the list for more on the Florida companies, industries, and cities that are thriving most.

Elite Auctions is #128 of the 250 most successful companies in Florida. See the full list HERE.

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