How to Increase Your Home’s Online Curb Appeal

For most of today’s homebuyers, the all-important first impression happens in front of a desktop computer screen, tablet, or phone. Online listings can make or break the sale of your home, and especially given the challenges presented to buyers and sellers in the context of a global pandemic, digital presentation can make a bigger impact over traditional curb appeal now more than ever.

This is perhaps most true of multi-million-dollar luxury homes, which often attracts homebuyers from well outside the local area. Many people in the market for these high-end properties will plan a trip to take a walkthrough based solely on one online listing — and will do so only for the homes of greatest interest to them.

Once you’ve decided to sell, it’s worth it to pull out all the stops to increase your home’s online curb appeal. Here’s how:

1. Stage Your Interior

Your luxury home has likely been the setting for countless memories with family and friends. And, chances are, you’ve made design and decorating choices that show your personality, your unique sense of style, and your individual preferences. However, when it’s time to sell, your personal touches, decor and most-treasured memories hanging on the wall may not help your home make the best first impression.

Opt to simplify, update, and stage your interior. Quick Ap: Hiring a professional to help you through this process (or handle it entirely) can be one of the best investments you can make when bringing your home to market. If you decide to stage the space yourself, take Ame to declutter by removing personal effects, then focus on using tasteful, minimal furniture pieces and decor to showcase one showstopping element in each room.

2. Invest in High-Quality Photography and Videography

Professional photography and videography are essential for presenting your home in the best possible way, especially for luxury properties. It’s crucial to hire a pro to do this for you, as they can plan your photoshoot to take advantage of the best natural lighting and determine the ideal perspective for each space. A true professional keeps aware of current market trends and can also highlight the most sought-after features of your home.

3. Create a 3D Virtual Tour or Video Walkthrough

Even the most professional photos can leave something to be desired when it comes to capturing the flow of your home’s floorplan. Look for a professional photographer or videographer team who can also create a three-dimensional virtual walkthrough of your home.

These virtual tours allow would-be homebuyers to get a good feel for your home’s layout and envision the personality of different spaces. In our experience, video walkthroughs and virtual tours answer many prospective buyers’ questions regarding a home’s floorplan, and ultimately help them make the decision whether to view your property in person – a worthwhile investment if it leads to even only one highly interested buyer to stop in for a serious look.

4. Work with a Professional Marketing Team

When you begin preparing to sell your luxury home, it helps to have an experienced marketing team on your side. A cohesive team of experienced experts will bring all facets of the home sales process together, from staging professionals to videographers, web developers and copywriters – all working together to show off your property to its best advantage online.

If you decide to list your luxury property with Elite Auctions, we’ll put our team of experienced real estate marketers – and long track record of success – to work for you.

Have more questions about selling your luxury home online? Feel free to contact us today.

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