How to Make Your Luxury Real Estate Listing Stand Out: Three Proven Strategies

Most homebuyers only spend a few seconds considering each online listing, which doesn’t give sellers much time to make an impression. With more houses on the market right now than ever before, it’s crucial to put in the effort to craft a real estate listing that captures the personality of your property and the imagination of would-be buyers.

Here are three ways to make your home’s listing stand out from the rest:

1. Work with Professionals

When it comes to selling your luxury home, having a team of professionals on your side can make all the difference. Competition in the luxury real estate world is fierce, and subpar photography, videography, and web design won’t do you any favors. Instead, you’ll need high-quality imagery, a user-friendly website, and a strategic marketing strategy guaranteed to help you reach potential buyers and get the most value for your home.

When you work with Elite Auctions to sell your property at a luxury home auction, you’ll have the support of a full marketing, public relations, and real estate team, including:

  • Professional photographers and videographers who will capture and edit images and videos that present your home in its best light.
  • A web design team that will create a custom website that highlights your home’s unique amenities and allows buyers to imagine living in your luxury estate, condo, or mansion.
  • A marketing team that will handle social media advertisements, email campaigns, and more.
  • Auction professionals who will manage private previews, open houses, registering bidders, negotiations, and other aspects of the process.

2. Give Buyers a Multi-Dimensional Look at the Property

The best way to cut down on unproductive showings? Give potential buyers a clear picture of the flow of your property. This is where video walk-throughs, 3D floor plans, and drone shots capturing the layout of your outdoor space all come in handy – in addition to as many professional-quality photos you can include.

Those considering a luxury home purchase want more than dazzling photographs; they need to know how the rooms flow into each other, the size of the available outdoor space and how it can be used, and what the surrounding neighborhood looks like. By providing a thorough glimpse into your property, you’ll keep buyers engaged in your listing a bit longer and ensure that visitors who schedule a viewing are actually interested.

3. Power Up Your Listing’s Online Visibility

Now more than ever, the home search begins online. With Coronavirus (COVID-19) a prevailing concern, many buyers are holding off on in-person visits and viewings until they’ve significantly narrowed their options. Therefore, it’s crucial to reach your target audience online, whether through social media, digital advertisements, or another channel.

Part of making this happen is marketing finesse: knowing the niche luxury real estate market and how to leverage strategies to get your listing in front of interested buyers. This also involves careful copywriting using the keywords, phrases, and headings that will harness the power of search engines.

The bottom line? Selling high-end homes is all about the real estate listing and showing process, and it’s impossible to beat the advantages of working with a team of professionals. At Elite Auctions, we partner with each property owner to create listings that showcase each estate’s high-end features, inspire the imagination, and enable would-be buyers to envision a life there. Then, we host a luxury real estate auction to ensure your home sells to the right buyer for the right price.

Want to find out more about our process? Feel free to get in touch.

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