The Benefits of Selling Your Luxury Yacht at Auction

Whether you’re looking to sell a 60-foot Sunseeker or a 116-foot Benetti, selling a high-end yacht at auction can provide a number of benefits. Although traditional brokerages have a few perks on their side (along with the weight of tradition), luxury yacht auctions often draw the largest pool of qualified buyers.

Why should you consider selling your luxury yacht at auction? Below, we’re discussing a few of the top benefits.

The Power of Competition

Yacht auctions garner attention and competition, allowing the seller to operate from a point of strength. Instead of managing one-on-one negotiations, yacht owners will likely have multiple buyers negotiating for the privilege of ownership, which often creates a bidding war that drives the price skyward. That’s the beauty of the auction system: sophisticated execution and competition you don’t have to fight for, so you’re more likely to sell your yacht at a deserving price point.

Access to a Well-Curated Pool of Qualified Buyers

To sell a luxury yacht or superyacht for a premium, sellers need access to an elite pool of buyers that are actually in the market – and the market for superyachts is, of course, a highly select niche. By opting to auction your yacht instead of taking a more general selling route (using a broker and advertising on a traditional listing website), you outsource the selection of your audience to an already-established niche bracket that’s on the lookout for just what you have to offer.

The Production Skills of an Elite Marketing Team

Auctioning a yacht with an established firm like Elite Auctions ensures that you have a robust, professional marketing team at the helm. Outsourcing your sale to a team that handles professional photography, cinematography, copywriting, design, and all of the finer details enables your yacht to shine – and helps you secure a buyer in a timely fashion. At Elite Auctions, we handle the press, private previews, tours, brokerage visits, and everything else you might need. In short? When you are looking to sell a yacht, Elite Auctions is your dedicated team, and we don’t make a cent until your vessel sells.

The Guarantee of a Quick, Streamlined Process

The most unpleasant part of a traditional yacht sale is waiting for a deal to close. Months of negotiations, uncertainty, and carrying costs can add up to a significant loss of money (and peace of mind) until a closing date is finally set. Auctioning eliminates the long wait as well as the uncertainty. When you select a time to list your yacht for auction, you have a guaranteed sale date – no more lengthy disputes or negotiations. Plus, because buyers who attend auctions are ready to purchase on that day, you can feel confident knowing that once the final paddle is raised, your sale is secure.

Sell Your Luxury Yacht with Help from Elite Auctions

If you’re considering selling your luxury yacht at auction, we invite you to give Elite Auctions a call. Whether you already have a trusted broker, or you’ve been typing “how to sell my yacht” into search engine after search engine looking for answers, we’re here to make life a little easier. Reach out to one of our expert listing agents today – we’re happy to answer your questions, walk you through the auction process, and discuss your needs.

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