SFGATE: 66 acres of California’s Lost Coast up for auction

66 acres of California’s Lost Coast up for auction

38 Bay Circle is undeveloped and features unrestricted views of the Pacific Ocean.

This weekend, some 66 acres of undeveloped land on California’s famed Lost Coast are going up for auction. The vast and gorgeous tract could all be yours with the wave of a bidding paddle — plus millions of dollars in cash, with no contingencies or financing.

The property at 38 Bay Circle, near the coastal hamlet of Shelter Cove, is dotted with coastal sage and chaparral. It features a flat area big enough for a two-story home overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the only part of the lot that’s zoned residential, although anyone looking to develop it may want to consider that the current owner bought it with exactly that plan, before running into significant roadblocks, both cultural and legal.

The land holds many local secrets, including a fire pit surrounded by stone seats that was built and beloved by local surfers. Whether the new owners keep the pit accessible to the community may dictate whether they become a beloved neighbor or a despised newcomer.

The fire pit near the beach accessible by trail from 38 Bay Circle.

The purchaser will also assume control of Dead Man’s Gulch, where an active creek filters into the sea through rolling coastal cliffs. Adjacent to the property’s sandy shores is Cove Beach, a popular swimming destination protected from strong currents and large waves. 

As reported in a Lost Coast Outpost article in 2015, the coastline around the property is “arguably the most cherished spot among local wave-riders,” so the new owner should expect run into the wet-suited crowd pretty regularly.

There are plenty of challenges associated with developing the spot. In 2015, according to that same Lost Coast Outpost story, the current owner tried to build a new trail down to the water without a permit. Someone snitched to Humboldt County authorities, who investigated and found that the construction could have destabilized the hillside. They also found that the herbicide Roundup had possibly been used in the area, where it could have contaminated Dead Man’s Creek.

Whoever purchases this property will undoubtedly become well-versed with Humboldt County’s local coastal plan — especially if they’re planning on building anything there.

The property lines defined in red. Shelter Cove is seen on the left.

Randy Haddaway, founder and CEO of Elite Auctions, which is brokering the deal, told SFGATE that the current owner had originally planned to build a home on the property but eventually decided to sell it off. 

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