Should You Use Social Media to Promote Your Luxury Home Listing?

Do you want to get your luxury home in front of the right buyers? Targeting those high-net-worth individuals is key, but it isn’t always easy to reach this affluent audience with your messaging. You might already be aware of the basics for marketing your luxury home; creating a listing, sending out flyers, and having someone available to show the property. But there’s another crucial element in today’s luxury real estate marketing mix to consider: Harnessing the power of social media, and its massive, global reach.

Below, we’re discussing the importance of including social media in your real estate digital marketing mix and how an experienced luxury home auction team can help. Here’s what you need to know:

The Search Starts Online

When shopping for a new home, 44 percent of all buyers start their journeys online. While you might think this is limited to home listing websites, social media actually plays a significant role, too. In some cases, a well-timed Instagram post or strategically targeted Facebook ad is all it takes to put your home in front of its next owner.

Social Media for Luxury Homes

High-end homes are often one-of-a-kind; therefore, your social media posts should be just as intriguing. If standard posts about your listing aren’t driving the level of interest you want, consider one of these real estate marketing tactics to gain more exposure while providing valuable information to listing viewers:

  • Share Highlights from the Surrounding Area – Is your home located near a municipal airport where your private plane could be kept? Is it just a short trip to fine dining and upscale shopping? Does it offer a boat dock with direct access to the bay or ocean? No matter what makes your property’s location unique, showcasing it on social media is a great way to go beyond the traditional listing details and get in front of your audience when they are already engaged in an active search.
  • Tell Stories About the Property’s History – Whether your home was once occupied by a celebrity or played a role in a prominent moment in history, sharing these details is a great way to catch the attention of potential buyers.
  • Post Drone Imagery of the Entire Lot – Sometimes, a bird’s eye view is the best way to understand the scale of a property. Entice social media users by sharing images and videos of your property from above.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Isn’t a One-Person Job

No matter how well you understand the real estate market in your area or how savvy you are at high-end real estate marketing, going it alone is never advisable. Instead of trying to deal with all of the details yourself, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional real estate marketing team.

When you work with Elite Auctions, you’ll have access to a variety of real estate professionals dedicated to helping you find the right buyer for your luxury home, including:

  • Photographers and videographers who will capture your property’s best features.
  • Web developers who will create a stunning online listing and landing page
  • Copywriters who will craft compelling descriptions of your home and its amenities.
  • Auction professionals who will organize showings, manage negotiations, and more.
  • Marketing specialists who will promote your listing via social media and other channels.

At Elite Auctions, we don’t just help you sell your home – we work hard to connect you with the perfect buyer and ensure you get full market value for your property. For more information about luxury real estate auctions, contact us today.

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