The Star: Florida mansion is (almost) perfect in every way

You know your house is too big when you can’t remember how many bedrooms it has.

“Eight? Nine? This sounds crazy! No, sorry, it’s eight. And nine bathrooms,” Carole Allen finally decides during a phone interview from Naples, on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida.

The magnitude of her 10,200-square-foot mansion is one of the reasons she’s handing over the keys to the highest bidder in an auction on April 13. (Elite Auctions actually puts the number of bathrooms at 10 in its description of the property.)

“We don’t use half the house,” she explains about the two-storey home she shares with her daughters, aged 14 and 18. “But it will be sad to move.”

With her older child heading off to college, Allen is not even sure she’s staying in Naples, one of the wealthiest cities in the U.S.

She bought the residence in 2014 when she and her husband, software mogul Arthur Allen, divorced. The family of four had lived 20 minutes away in their beachfront home that sold for $46 million in early 2015.

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